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Samsung Galaxy Beam flaunts projector in hands-on pics

Samsungs showing off a new toy at this yearsMobile World Congress, and its a bit of a weird one, to tell the truth. TheGalaxy Beamis anAndroidsmart phone that contains a teeny-tiny projector, for digitally spraying your photos, videos and games onto nearby walls and ceilings. Disappointingly, the Beam is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread rather than…
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Meet the bomber the US is sending to crush ISIS

B-52 aircraft have carried more than bombs and cruise missiles. Theyve also served as a mothership to ferry test aircraft aloft, as with the X-15 here, to help conserve the fuel that the experimental planes would need to reach great speeds and great altitudes. Cyber Monday 2018 kitchen and appliance deals: Instant Pot discount, $100…
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Trinity Site today (photos)

This shelter preserves an area of ground at Trinity Site that still has a layer of Trinitite, a glassy residue left over from the nuclear test in 1945. Visitors still scour the ground looking for bits of Trinitite, but it is illegal to remove samples from the site. The McDonald Ranch House sits a couple…
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Microsoft launches pop-up store in Times Square

Microsofts store features a check-out area in the middle and broad windows that give customers a view of Times Square. Melinda George, the store manager pictured in pink at the bottom of the photo, says the store is already running short on Surface supply after being open less than a day. Its likely to run…
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Artificial intelligence ethics and public confidence

Research in developing countries: follow-up There have been some interesting developments around the ethics and governance of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent days. First we read that Googles DeepMind has set up anEthics and Society research unit, with the rationale that AI can be of extraordinary benefit to the world, but only if held to…
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AAAI 2018 Spring Symposium Series

Learning, Inference, and Control of Multi-Agent Systems Cambridgeshire, CB 2 9BB, United Kingdom Hierarchical representation, reasoning, and planning Behavior synthesis and execution in robotics The symposium will include invited talks, presentations of accepted papers, group work sessions and panels. Identifying modeling errors during plan execution Bridging the gaps between abstract models and reality in sequential…
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