What is artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence?

Although artificial intelligence is very hot this year, many people still can’t figure out what it is. AI BLOG introduces you today. Artificial wisdom is literally artificial, but it actually covers a lot of parts. The concern is actually the consciousness of artificial autonomy. Because the network and computer have completed the retrieval and storage of knowledge, several major search engines have completed the function of keyword-associated interpretation and massive data accumulation, and most robot manufacturers have completed the reaction. Advanced functions such as machine, self-adaptation, etc., but there is still no artificial autonomy that can pass the Turing test. Of course, this also includes that humans’ research on their own consciousness has not risen to a more thorough level.

There should be two major factions now, and there may be more branches. In fact, it is a question of whether the question is two-sided: Is the autonomy being self-generated or artificially endowed? If it is self-generated, then it faces a serious cognitive obstacle. Only when the nervous system is complex to a certain extent, and the similarity on the large scale is highly consistent, then the individual’s natural consciousness will have similar neural network individuals. Identity and perception, in simple terms, the distribution of human neural networks and the natural generation of the individual generated by the process of social training can be recognized and perceived by human beings. Therefore, it is very likely that the unknown network phenomenon generated by the automaton and various devices on the network may be the primary stage of the Internet autonomy consciousness, but it cannot be perceived by the human type of intelligent individuals, but is treated as an unknown fault, most of which are not Solution, can be called Ghost-In-The-Machine.

That is to say, when the artificial neural network is complicated to a certain extent, the consciousness is only caused by the interleaving of many demand feedback chains. The artificially-aware consciousness is likely to be quite identifiable at the beginning of the creator-like behavior, but it will face an overload or famine that will be caused by more or less than the amount of neural feedback network data, leading to the demise of consciousness. Or when the just-suited neural network incorporates the appropriate awareness, it is likely to lose consciousness for a period of time because of the individual’s desire for group communication.

Of course, on another level, why can’t we create a true sense of autonomy because of a few very simple reasons: energy can’t be self-sufficient, self-sufficiency, self-repair, and can’t be automated. These three key factors are not in one. Realized within an artificial individual, then we are far from the consciousness of self-generation. The above three points can be simply described as if the energy is not acquired by itself, then it is impossible to survive.

If you can’t fix it yourself, you don’t have the basic characteristics of variability, let alone evolution; or you can’t fix it yourself, it will make the evolutionary path farther, if you can’t carry the current generation of experience and causal learning data to the next generation. Then, let alone evolution. If consciousness is the product of evolutionary superiority, then without evolution, nature will not produce consciousness, let alone the cooperation of individual consciousness to obtain higher evolutionary advantages. Maybe I am talking about one-sided, a lot of tolerance.

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