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Why 5G AI cloud and blockchain will dominate the digital future of the enterprise

IT leaders guide to achieving digital transformation (Tech Pro Research) Here are Equinixs top five predictions for digital trends in 2019: The Brexit dilemma: Will Londons start-ups stay or go? Digital transformation in 2019: Lessons learned the hard way(ZDNet) Next year will see a change in data protection laws and security efforts, the release said.…
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The 25 most underappreciated science-fictionfantasy characters

Zoe Washburne fromFirefly. Okay, I know in the Mr. Universe entry I say the cast gets its due, and, yes, lots of people appreciate Zoe, but come on. She is the reason Mal is still alive. She is the only one to truly risk her heart in a workplace romance. And, if I had to…
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Ai Picture Utility

The program includes a slide-show builder, but slide shows only can be run on the computer on which the program is installed. Ai Picture Utility offers all kinds of filters you can combine using the macros editor and apply to multiple images. You can automatically preview the results of your editing. Some of the tools,…
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How AI-powered malware uses facial recognition technology

Marc PH. Stoecklin:What we show in this proof of concept is AI-powered malware through a distribution channel, which is using unsuspicious, innocent-looking application. We use for this purpose a videoconferencing application that we call Talk. Were downloading this application. The user is opening the application from his download and it is running. What happened now,…
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28 scary photos of IT gore

Joal Ryan thinks Pokemon Go is a plot. According tothis thread, thats a cable box with an active wasp nest inside. Must be part of a new premium package. Heres a look at some of the subreddits most disturbing (but fun!) sights. Leading off: The ThinkPad keyboard that, perthe thread, had an unfortunate encounter with…
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