Facing the artistic challenge brought by artificial intelligence

Facing the artistic challenge brought by artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence artistic challenge

Face the challenge, discover the value and seize the opportunity in the challenge, it will bring new changes and new achievements in the creation of literature and art.

artificial intelligence artistic challenge

An artificial intelligence robot that is famous for writing poetry and has published poetry has attracted attention. According to the research and development personnel, the intelligent robot has a certain level of original painting creation ability after learning the paintings of 236 human painters in the past 400 years of art history. Not only that, but it has also begun commercial exploration in the field of design. Writing poetry, singing, painting, design… After entering the field of literature and art, artificial intelligence technology, with its super learning ability, memory ability and quick and efficient creative advantage, is producing more and more works, revealing artificial intelligence technology. Many possibilities in the literary production and cultural markets.

At the same time, “Is artificial intelligence replacing human creation?” is becoming an issue of anxiety for some people. It should be noted that whenever people talk about artificial intelligence, they often think of strong artificial intelligence in science fiction. They have the same emotions and experiences as human beings. They live like humans and seem to replace humans. However, at present we actually It has weak artificial intelligence, which has some high-end skills of human beings, but it is very different from human beings in terms of emotion and consciousness. Even so, the entry of artificial intelligence still urges us to reflect on the characteristics and advantages of human creation. The more we face the technical impact, the more we must correct and the firm value of the ontology. At the same time, we must have new breakthroughs and pursuits in literary concepts and creative practices.

Imagine if an artificial intelligence robot wants to be a poet, what does it need to do? It must have a large amount of reading, which is close to his creative material. Secondly, it must learn the poems of other poets of the same age. It must grasp the characteristics of other poets at that time to better highlight the poetry qualities of other poets. But can it create poems of other poets?

No, it still lacks one thing, that is the life experience of a real poet. Poets in real life, their poems are all from their own life stories. The artificial intelligence robot can only create a poem of human feelings if it has the life experience of a real poet and restores all his experiences. We listened to Beethoven’s music very much because his music is a true portrayal of his struggle against the tragic fate. Imagine if the artificial intelligence created the poems and Beethoven’s music, but there is no thoughts and emotions behind it, how do we appreciate it and interpret it?

Without life, we cannot understand poetry and art. Artificial intelligence is here to encounter Waterloo. According to research, although artificial intelligence has dazzling superb skills, it is difficult to imitate the basic and unconscious intuition of human beings. This is called “Moravik Paradox.” It can easily learn to play chess, but a baby can do it to perceive the world. Artificial intelligence takes a lot of time and hard training, and even this may not be learned. Literary creation is such a mountain that artificial intelligence is difficult to climb. Creation is not just a word-making sentence. It is based on the life experience, from the life experience and the inner feelings. The foundation is the whole world where life and people are. At the formal level, humans are not necessarily more powerful than artificial intelligence, but the form is deeply associated with life experience, creating more beautiful and impactful works, artificial intelligence can not be compared with humans. This is an irreplaceable creation of human beings and the true dignity of human creation.

As someone has said, robots write poetry instead of writing poems instead of people, but helping people write poems better. Artificial intelligence and human beings have their own advantages and disadvantages in creation. What is important is not how to be good or bad, but how to use artificial intelligence to help us improve the quality and level of creation, and make human creation even more powerful. Just as every technological innovation in the past will drive innovation in art, this time we have a tool that is more powerful and convenient than all previous tools. It will reshape the art creation pattern and will reshape our understanding and understanding of art. In the long run, this huge change is hard to avoid.

Artificial intelligence is coming, not just with its work. We have just embarked on this path and have just come into contact with artificial intelligence art creation, and have not yet thought about deep problems. But there is no doubt that in the near future, the artistic creation of artificial intelligence will bring more and more challenges to our concepts and practices. Face the challenges, discover the value and seize the opportunity in the challenge, and will bring new changes and new achievements in the creation of literature and art.

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