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AI VR messaging and wearables Everything you need to know from Google IO 2016

How to watch Googles I/O keynote live stream(ZDNet) Google showed off its latest advancements in AI, virtual reality, Android, messaging, and other technologies that professionals care about on Wednesday at its 10th annual Google I/O developer event at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. SEE:Quick glossary: Virtual reality(Tech Pro Research) During the presentation, it…
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20 terrifying uses of artificial intelligence

Hackers are beginning to use AI technologies to carry outmalicious cyberattacks online. By using AI as an attack vector, hackers have the capability of carrying out large-scale attacks at even faster rates, which would be detrimental to organizations and individuals Google experimentedwith a self-learning computer that had a simulated neural network. The computer was provided…
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Windows 10 April 2018 Update All the new features explained

Owners of PCs with a discrete graphics card, who want to make sure its not sucking up power unnecessarily, gain more control over which software uses the discrete GPU, and which software uses the less power-hungry integrated graphics chip. Configuration for Apps that run during startup — available viaSettings – Apps- Startup. Windows 10 Spring…
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The back-to-school tech you want and need

Sony has released the new version of itsDigital Paper devicein a new, smaller 10.3-inch size. It features high-resolution E Ink capacitive touch displays and come with 16GB of memory, Wi-Fi and a stylus. Its a little pricey at $600, but its highly functional and can be connected via PC or Mac to a projector and…
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