New apps and features in Windows 10

New apps and features in Windows 10

New apps and features in Windows 10 (pictures)

When you use the search charm, youll get expanded search results that come from several sources, from your hard drive to the Web.

Partly to entice developers, but also to make your shopping experience more convenient, the Windows Store now has big images and a better layout for browsing.

Though it doesnt bring back all the features of the Start button in Windows 7, you get more system controls and the capability to restart and shutdown without all the extra steps.

Though it had many of same features in Windows 10, the new layout makes it much easier to navigate, create radio stations, and explore artists.

The camera app that came with Windows 10 had only basic tools. With Windows 8.1 you get color enhancements tools, filters, and common editing tools like brightness, cropping, and contrast.

Read articles, learn new exercises, and manage your workout regimen with Bing Health and Fitness.

Where in Windows 10 you could only run two apps simultaneously in snap mode, youll now be able to run up to four apps per screen (provided you have a high resolution).

Instead of opening up the desktop to control settings, Microsoft has made it easier to tweak your system with touch-friendly controls.


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