Look here A bevy of gorgeous audio products

Look here A bevy of gorgeous audio products

Designed and built in France, theDevialet 120is so much more than just an amplifier — its designed to be the centerpiece of a legitimate high-end system. The built-in EVO card enables free updates of the internal software that can improve the performance of the amp or take advantage of new features with just a few clicks.

The look and feel of this Australian-made component is simply stunning. The sound is so rich and warm you might be tempted to peek inside to see if there are any tubes in there — but no, theConductor Virtuosois a purely solid-state design. It can also be used as a stereo preamp with desktop speakers or a power amp with hi-fi speakers.

TheAudeze EL-8is a high-end headphone engineered to work with both portable players and home headphone amplifiers. Industrial design is byBMW Group DesignWorks USA, and the EL-8 is the best-looking and most affordably priced Audeze headphone.

This 5-inch (127mm) cube headphone amplifier has two vacuum tubes protected by a thick glass cover (the amp is pictured here with the optional tube power supply). The WA7 features a built-in 32-bit/192kHz USB digital converter and lots of custom-made parts, including dedicated nickel-alloy output transformers.

As you can see, theArabesque Minissimospeakers are available in a wide range of colors. The cabinet is milled from a single piece of metal loaded polymer material in a fully automated process. The cabinet is finished in automotive paint.

For more than 30 years, Plinius has been making world-class, high-end audio products. Take a gander at this 80-watt-per-channel integrated amplifier. The Inspire 880 will accept signals from your CD player, personal computer and AV source, as well as analog from your turntable.

Allnic Audio makes a wide range of components, but theA10000 mono tube amplifierbest shows off its unique design aesthetic. Youll need two A10000 amps for stereo. Allnic is based in South Korea.

Room acoustics in a typical home leave a lot to be desired. Acoustic problems may be barely noticeable when people are talking, but music and movies can excite echoes and harshness that wreak havoc on sound quality.

This beautifully craftedheadphone amplifierwith Hugo embossed on the top surface is made by Chord Electronics, a high-end brand known for audio-component equivalents of Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. The Hugo leaves other high-resolution portable digital converters/headphone amps in the dust: it decodes up to 384kHz/24-bit PCM and DSD128 files using Chords FPGA digital decoders.

Thick rugs or drapes can help, and other strategically placed sound-absorbing materials can really make a difference in perceived sound quality. Sound-absorbing panels are available from a variety of suppliers, but most are downright ugly, soBauxs stylish tilesare a pleasant surprise.


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