Artificial Intelligence Studies

Artificial Intelligence Studies

The development of strong artificial intelligence and increasingly sophisticated robotics will be a defining theme of the 21stcentury. To explore the implications of evolving A.I. and robotics, the Robert Strauss Center launched an interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Program titledConsortium on Law and Ethics of A.I. and Robotics (CLEAR). CLEAR will bring together leaders in the academy, industry, and government to promote a better understanding of the legal, ethical, and policy challenges posed by these emergent technologies.

Mike Lewis Prize for National Security Law Scholarship

(Kay Firth-Butterfield, Spring 2016)

Artificial Intelligence Studies

June 5, 2017:Symposium on Ethics of Autonomous Systems

Baker Chair Transatlantic Dialogues

The Evolution of A.I. and its Impending Impacts on Law, Ethics, and Global Society

Artificial Intelligence and Other Emerging Technologies: Legal and Policy Issues

Climate Change and Africa (Archived)

2315 RED RIVER STREET AUSTIN, TEXAS 78712 (512) 471-6267

Strauss Center @ SXSW: Ethically-Aligned Design: Setting Standards for AI

Security Institutions & Technologies

Law and Policy of A.I. and Other Emerging Technologies(Derek Jinks, Spring 2017)


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