AI Reports

AI Reports

AI Now developed a toolkit to help advocates uncover and understand where algorithms are being used in government and to inform advocacy strategies and tactics. The toolkit includes a breakdown of key concepts and questions, an overview of existing research, summaries of algorithmic systems currently used in government, and guidances on advocacy strategies to identify and interrogate the use of these systems.

This report is a summary of the 2016 AI Now public symposium, hosted by the White House and New York Universitys Information Law Institute. The symposium focused on the social and economic impacts of AI over the next ten years, offering space to discuss some of the hard questions we need to consider, and to gather insights from world-leading experts across diverse disciplines.

Building on the inaugural 2016 report, the AI Now 2017 Report addresses the most recent scholarly literature in order to raise critical social questions that will shape our present and near future. This report focuses on new developments in four areas: labor and automation, bias and inclusion, rights and liberties, and ethics and governance. We identify emerging challenges in each of these areas and make recommendations to ensure that the benefits of AI will be shared broadly, and that risks can be identified and mitigated.

Our Algorithmic Impact Assessment Report helps affected communities and stakeholders assess the use of AI and algorithmic decision-making in public agencies and determine where or if their use is acceptable. Algorithms in government are already a part of decisions that affect peoples lives, but there are no agreed-upon methods to ensure fairness or safety, or protect the fundamental rights of citizens. Our AIA report provides a practical framework, similar to an environmental impact assessment, for agencies to bring oversight to automated decision systems.

In June 2018, AI Now teamed up withNYU Laws Center on Race, Inequality, and the Law, and theElectronic Frontier Foundationto host a first of its kind workshop critically examining litigation strategies for challenging government use of algorithmic decision systems across different disciplines and areas of law. The Litigating Algorithms report highlights the critical observations, findings, and areas for future discussion and collaboration that were unearthed during this dynamic workshop.

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